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Going back to my roots!

company magazine front cover, Alexa Chung, 2012

Growing up I used to collect "Company" magazine and every month I would tear out the articles focused around jobs in fashion.

There were so many avenues to go down but I couldn't quite pick one. Leaving school I had no clue what to do, if it wasn't for my art teacher suggesting textiles I wouldn't have done my college course, but I'm glad I did. I've always been creative and my course was great for letting you try so many things. From sewing to printing to design development and pattern cutting, I had all the basics before heading off to Uni. Which leads me to now.

I left my job in October 2020 to pursue my own thing. After accidentally falling into drawing bespoke prints and starting my own homeware business I've come to realise how much more I can create. I'm still a small business and therefore investing in manufactures wasn't a route I could take right now with a risk of having a lot of dead stock. So, I thought why not go back to my roots and make it all myself to order. All the dreamy soft furnishings that make a house a home! Making cushions, placemats, table runners and so much more! Really this is just a little announcement to say in dusting down my sewing machine and create some beaut, colourful pieces and I really hope you like them. 

mood board for summer 2021Lastly, I will be focusing on a much more sustainable process. By using natural fabrics, producing made to order to avoid wastage and of course continuing with all the recyclable packaging I already use. Taking steps in the right direction for the planet.

Thanks so much for supporting me so far and I hope you're as excited for a change as I am. 

Lots of love, Erinn x

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