Hi, Hello, How are ya!

Lets try this again...

I had completed my first blog post then managed to delete it so we move!

Hello! I am Erinn and I run Studio Berry. From designing and making products in house I also post orders, run socials, answer customer queries, create bespoke prints, run the website, dabble in photography and a few more things but I thought I would add a weekly blog post to the mix 😛 (nothing I like more than being run off my feet).

For the blog, it is just gonna be a relaxed way for me to vent and allow you into my creative processes! So for blog one I thought I would start with how I actually got here!

In 2018 I started my first business which was called "The Places You'll Go" which I initially started out by creating bespoke prints. I really fell into it by accident but I suppose that's how all great things come about! My sister (shout out to Lauz) got me Dr. Seuss "Oh the places you'll go" book when I started Uni in 2016 as a "You got this" pressie, so it made sense to use this towards the business name and that the prints were travel related! 

In 2017 I created a length of Amsterdam inspired, toile de jouy print for a Uni project and it was my first experience of drawing buildings!

red toile de jouy printAmsterdam inspired toile de jouy print

Looking back on this I honestly didn't have a clue what I was doing😂 and WOW iPhone camera's have really improved since 2017! Drawing this led me to incorporate architecture into most of my uni projects after that! (We will deep dive into those in future posts).

Coming back to how Studio Berry occurred! After graduating in 2019 I decided to rebrand "The Places You'll Go" so I could broaden my horizons when it came to products! I love creating bespoke pieces but they take time which limits how many I can do a week. I always wanted to create homeware pieces and it was just the right time! I worked full time for a year after graduating while pursing Studio Berry at every other point I could! My diary was becoming full months in advance and on the run up to Christmas 2020 I decided to give it my all. I can whole heartily say since the beginning of "The places you'll go" I have worked my ass off to get where I am and that was 3 years ago that this all started. It wasn't over night and there were lots of bumps in the road and things to learns from but the continued support has been amazing and I can't believe I am nearly 6 months into this being my full time gig. I really am forever grateful and I can't wait to see what happens next! Hopefully it never ends☺️💫

Have a great weekend and Happy Valentines day when it comes!

Lots of love, Erinn x




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