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Let's talk Insta

Insta has been playing on my mind a lot recently. There is so many do's and don'ts. It's an ongoing conversation with friends and other businesses on instagram and we all have mutual feelings towards it.

Some days I love it. Being able to connect, coming across businesses, people with similar interests, fashion inspo, food inspo, the lot! It is great for all these things. It is a fantastic marketing platform to be able to grow a following and a loyal customer base all in one place. Businesses used to spread the word by leaflet dropping, posters on shop bulletin boards and word of mouth. Crazy to think that these aren't the go to's nowadays. (I sound like I'm reminiscing on the olden days when i'm 24 but ok). The point is, in society today it is pretty pointless to not have a such a great tool that can only gain you more traction for your business but the side effects are kinda draining. Especially when there is so many people on there to compare yourself to.

The constant "Am I posting enough? Am I posting too much? Am I annoying people?" and that how many likes on a post determines how you feel for the rest of the night? Also don't forget you need to stay on the app for another half an hour after posting cause instagram won't boost your post if you leave (sense the sarcasm). WHY? I have just finished reading "Notes on a nervous planet" by Matt Haig which just ignited a fire inside of why do we do it to ourselves? The fact we are all addicted to not just our phones but to instagram and portraying a perfect life and that we are need to be seen to be busy all the time. It's just a weird way to live?

I have my first instagram account which I made in 2012. It now holds nearly 10 years of memories which I absolutely love looking back through and I am thankful that I have them! If only I would've kept posting pics of my shoes I could have been an influencer by now! I mean who knew in 2012 that it would be as big as it is today. Back then it was sort of innocent. A place to post your mediorce photography skills and what you were having for dinner. Kinda miss those days! 

Sometimes it does just get on top of me and I need to shake it off and try again tomorrow. It feels a lot more important because as a business it is how a lot of my customers come to the website (via the platform). But what if it was to all end tomorrow and instagram was to magically disappear?

Expect some leaflets through the door.

*Posted on 28th April 2012*
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